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A new future. Future Stars has become Being.

Himal Randeniya
Being is more than a new look for our company, it is a renewed focus on our mission to cause a powerful future for every child. Our philosophy, pedagogy, values and culture will better enable our community to deliver on this mission. I want to take a moment now to explain these four contexts.

Helping to guide your child through anxiety

Melanie Randeniya
Some children react more quickly or intensely to situations they are afraid of, or find threatening and find it harder to get their anxious feelings under control. What can you do to help guide your child through anxious moments?

Keeping your children and family safe this winter – Heater Safety

Heating safety involves the correct installation and maintenance of the heating device, supervision of children, safe clearance between heaters and flammable materials, and adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions. Let's look at the different types of household heating.